Pearson & Anaya Bilingual Programme

An Integrated Content and Language Learning Experience

Pearson and Anaya are collaborating to provide you with the materials you need for your classes and to make your day-to-day lives easier.

The Pearson & Anaya Bilingual Programme integrates our general English courses with Natural and Social Science, Arts & Crafts and Music. Topics from the Science curriculum are presented in the Brilliant Ideas Natural and Social Science books and recycled in Team Up! and Poptropica English Islands as well as in the Music and Arts and Crafts titles.

Choosing Pearson and Anaya for your Primary classes will help you plan and deliver an integrated content and language learning experience for your pupils.

The Courses

Let’s work together to give pupils the best start

Team Up!

You teach 4-5h+ of English per week - Reach B1

Team Up! is a fast-paced, 6-level primary course that will inspire your pupils and help them achieve their goals. Team Up! develops 21st Century Skills by challenging pupils to communicate in authentic contexts, be creative, think critically and collaborate with their classmates to get results. Team Up! helps prepare pupils for success in Cambridge English and Trinity examinations, taking them from level A1 of the CEFR to B1.

You teach 3-5h of English per week - Reach A2+

Poptropica English Islands is a semi-intensive course developed to engage, motivate and involve young learners of English. It combines a solid ELT methodology including exciting stories, adventures and quests with a dynamic, pupil-centered Online World. The vocabulary and grammar syllabus has been developed in line with external exam topics, specifically aimed at YLE, Key and Trinity.

Poptropica English Islands

Andalusia Special Edition

Poptropica english Islands Andalusia Edition

You teach primary courses for pupils learning at a gentler pace

Poptropica English Andalusia Edition

You teach more intensive primary courses

Your bilingual offer

Your bilingual offer